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Do you offer discounts for combined services?


Absolutely! We offer a bundle package for customers who combine lawn maintenance with mosquito control. 


Does the organic mosquito spray work?


Yes. It is about 80% as effective as chemical insecticides. With monthly applications, the majority of customers are very satisfied and comfortable knowing that their family and pets are safe from harmful pesticides. 


Can I afford a weekly lawn service?



We have customers in all price brackets - from summer cottages to large estates. We actually often save customers time and money given the expense of owning and maintaining lawn equipment.



Do you offer services for rental properties?


Yes. Some of the customers who have been with us over twenty years do not live in Rhode Island. We maintain their summer home.


Do you offer any specials or discounts?


We routinely offer specials, so please check our website often. We offer a $50 credit or Mosquito Control treatment for successful lawn maintenance referrals. Discounts are also offered to neighbors, making neighborhood referrals a "win-win" for both parties!

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